Chic hair style for a quick hairstyle fir work or for a party or wedding makes a high bun with fake bangs messy hairstyle with our hair bun scrunchie extensions to add extra volume and more bangs.

This ponytail hairpiece  with curls hanging at ends you can simply attach to your hair for a quick and easy style transformation.
The bangs are cut and styled with a natural-looking curl for a realistic finish.

  • Layered Wave , Natural Looking
  • Perfect for Volumizing Hair
  • High Quality Elastic Band
  • Looks Realistic 100% Japanese Fiber
  • Easy To Wear

Feels like comfortable and fits your hair very well. These wavy hair hairpieces for women match your natural hair color perfectly.

The hair quality feels and looks great and real like your own human hair.

Extremely easy to use and makes a beautiful hairpiece with extra bangs.

This This bun is really light weight and can be worn daily as long as it gets proper care. Most natural way of adding volume and style to your hair.