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How to Wear A Wig Topper For Thinning Hair

August 12, 2023 2 min read

mono base hair topper with clips attached

What is a wig topper?

A wig topper is a hairpiece that is designed to cover thinning hair on the top of the head. It provides extra volume and coverage, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

Why choose a wig topper?

Wig toppers are a great solution for individuals with thinning hair who want to achieve a natural and seamless look. They are easy to use and can instantly transform your hairstyle.

How to choose the right wig topper?

When selecting a wig topper, consider the following factors:

  • Color: Choose a shade that matches your natural hair color or desired style.
  • Texture: Select a wig topper with a texture that closely resembles your own hair.
  • Size: Measure the area of thinning hair to ensure a proper fit.
  • Attachment method: Decide whether you prefer a clip-in, tape-in, or adhesive wig topper.

How to wear a wig topper?

Follow these steps to wear a wig topper:

  1. Prepare your hair: Style your natural hair as desired. It is recommended to tease the hair at the crown to create a secure base for the wig topper.
  2. Secure the wig topper: Attach the wig topper using the chosen method (clip-in, tape-in, or adhesive). Make sure it is positioned correctly to cover the thinning area.
  3. Blend the hair: Gently comb or brush your natural hair and the wig topper together to create a seamless blend.
  4. Style the hair: Use styling tools to further blend and shape the hair. You can curl, straighten, or add volume to achieve your desired look.

How to care for a wig topper?

Proper care and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your wig topper:

  • Wash the wig topper regularly using mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • Allow the wig topper to air dry naturally.
  • Store the wig topper on a wig stand or in a breathable bag when not in use.
  • Avoid exposing the wig topper to excessive heat or styling products.

Can I wear a wig topper while swimming or exercising?

It is not recommended to wear a wig topper while swimming or exercising, as these activities may cause the wig topper to shift or become damaged. It is best to remove the wig topper before engaging in such activities.

Where can I purchase a wig topper?

Wig toppers can be found at specialty wig stores, online retailers, or through hair replacement professionals. It is advisable to consult with a hair expert to ensure you choose the right wig topper for your needs.



Wig toppers are an excellent solution for individuals with thinning hair. By following the proper steps for selection, application, and maintenance, you can achieve a natural and confident look. Consult with a hair expert to find the perfect wig topper for you and enjoy the benefits of fuller, thicker hair.