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How to put on clip- in hair extensions

August 15, 2023 1 min read

Clip im hair extensions at

Clip in hair extensions are one of easy ways to apply blended hair to boost your hairstyle fir parties and occasions even for day to day use.

Steps to apply clip in hair extensions

1.First coomb your hair well and top hair from forehead to upper back of head get your hair up in a clip ,separate upper mid hair from side hair and lower hair on the back of head.

2 Then start apply clip in hair extension starting from one side at side of head clipping in the clip and attaching clip to the hair and working through applying clips to the back of head and going to the other sude of head.

3.Third step is to unclip the top hair and blend upper hair with the hair-extensions and lower hair and make sure your hair are blended well with hair extensions.