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How to get frizzy hair glossy and healthy

August 23, 2023 1 min read

How to get frizzy hair glossy and healthy

Frizzy hair is very common concerns as the use of heating tools on hair is increased .These steps will help to improve quality of your hair and stop the frizz.

1. Start using essential oils to moisturize your hair overnight about one to 2 teaspoons of essential oil massage at the scalp and use at the hair shaft to the end of hair apply overnight and wash off with shampoo in morning. Oiling hair can be done twice a week for good results.

2 Use a sulphate free shampoo use a glycerine based shampoo if possible and shampoo your hair twice a week .

3 Use a deep conditioner after each shampoo.

4 After shampooing and conditioning your hair while hair is towel dried still wet apply leave  in conditioner from scalp to end of hair this moisturizing helps gair to improve quality.

5 When using hair dryer use lower heating temperature-or dry with cold air this helps to avoid heat damage to your hair.

6. After drying hair use a good quality detangker to ends of your hair shafts

7. Also start taking regular multivitamins and collagen supplements for skin and fair.

8 After 3 to 6 months of this routine your hair quality will significantly improve

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