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How to curl human hair topper

September 10, 2023 2 min read

Tillstyle human hair toppers

Sometimes you want to change the stylr of human hair topper and apply loose curls to it . Curling a human hair topper is similar to curling natural hair. Here's a basic guide to curling a human hair topper:

  1. Preparation: First your human hair topper should be clean and dry. You can wash and condition it before curling if necessary. Also, have all your curling tools ready, such as a curling iron or wand, heat protectant spray, clips, and a comb.

  2. Heat Protection: Before you use any tools Apply a heat protectant spray to the topper to minimize heat damage. This is essential to keep the hair in good condition.

  3. Section the Hair: You should divide the hair into small sections. Smaller sections will give you more defined curls, while larger sections will result in looser waves.

  4. Curling Iron or Wand: You may use a curling iron ir wand .Using a curling iron or wand, take a small section of hair, wrap it around the barrel (away from your face for a more natural look), and hold for about 10-15 seconds. The longer you hold it, the tighter the curl. Be cautious with the heat settings; don't make it too hot, as excessive heat can damage human hair.

  5. Release and Hold: Release the hair from the curling iron and hold the curl in your hand for a few seconds to let it cool in its curled shape. This helps the curl set.

  6. Repeat: Continue curling all sections of the topper, working your way from the bottom to the top. Make sure to curl in different directions to achieve a more natural look.

  7. Final Touch: Once you've curled all the sections, let the curls cool completely. You can gently run your fingers through the curls or use a wide-tooth comb to separate and style them as desired.

  8. Setting Spray: If you want the curls to hold longer, you can use a light-hold hairspray to set the style.

You should be aware that human hair toppers can be delicate, so handle them gently to avoid any damage. Additionally, the type of curling tool and the size of the barrel you use will determine the size and style of the curls. Practice and experimentation will help you achieve the look you desire.